Thank you for consigning with Athens Consignment Sale! You can find your name/code on the table  at the bottom of the page. Please read the following information carefully before you print your tags.



  1.  TAGS
    • Verify your code by checking the table at the bottom of this page.
    • Visit THIS PAGE to print your tags
    • After printing your tags, please double check to make sure they look the same as online. Sometimes tags print funny and won’t scan during checkout.  

    • Carefully read the consignor instructions at THIS PAGE (ACS Consignor Info page).  This will provide you comprehensive step-by-step instructions for consigning.  If you are a returning consignor, the process is similar to Cornerstone’s, but there are some differences so please also read carefully.
    • Please remember that this sale is for spring/summer clothing items.  Fall/winter clothes will not be accepted.
    • Drop-off is Wednesday, February 7 from 11:00am-7:30pm. You may come to Tuckston UMC any time during that window. It’s very important that you sort your items by gender and size, then by shirts, dresses, pants, and outfit prior to drop-off. During drop-off, you are responsible for hanging/putting your items out on the sales floor and pre-sorting makes this process much easier. 
    • Please bring a SELF-ADDRESSED AND STAMPED ENVELOPE with you during drop-off.  We will use this to mail you your sales check.
    • Consignor pickup is Saturday, February 10th from 3:00-4:00.  We cannot hold items past 4:00, so don’t forget! (You may choose to have your unsold items donated, in which case you do not have to attend pickup.)
    • Volunteers are still needed!
    • If you can’t make any of the times listed on our volunteer schedule HERE, shoot us an email and we’ll try and work something out.
    • This sale only works because of volunteers. We NEED you!  It’s a fun thing to be a part of, and it really really is worth it when you hit that preview sale — no crowds, no lines, and incredible finds. If you haven’t done so already, sign up HERE.
      • You can even get your husband to work a setup or tear down shift and have that count as your volunteer shift!

NOTE: Please notify us NOW if you no longer plan on consigning.  We have dozens of people on a waiting list who would love your spot!  Consignors who are no-shows (without notifying 2 weeks advance) will no longer be allowed to consign with ACS in future sales.



IF YOU ARE NOT 100% POSITIVE THAT YOU ARE THE PERSON ASSOCIATED WITH THIS CODE PLEASE EMAIL US AT athensconsignmentsale@gmail.com. (If you received a code confirmation email from us you can confidently print your tags.)
Abby Ta. TOM
Alaina Sh. MUG 1
Alecia Cas. HOPE
Alicia Ch. FILE
Alicia McM. SOFT 10
Alison De. AGE
Allison Ch. DAZE
Amanda Call. ADD
Amanda Cam. AIM 1
Amanda Fa. LOAM 1
Amanda Ma. YES
Amber Sp. SAM
Amberlyn Ya. AND
Amelia Ru. TREE
Amy Ca. HUB 1,6
Andrea Fi. TAX
Angela Ga. APEX
Angie De. BET
Anitra Ha. BAIT
Ann Ki. MILL
Anna Ho. APE
Anna Sch. FEEL
Anna Sl. MART
Annette Et. CAP
April Ha. HEN
Ashley Ab. DEAN
Ashley Cr. ARCH
Ashley Iv. HOP
Ashley To. GUS
Ashley Wa. MOP
Beth Fa. RIP
Beth Ho. URN
Beth Pa. DOG 3, 9
Brandi Sa. BEAK
Brenda Sa. ONTO
Brianna Pu. FUSE
Brooke (please confirm) DENT
Candice Al. FUZZ 3
Carey Rie. EDGE
Carla Pr. ANT 5,7,9
Carol Gr. ONCE
Carol Ho. ATE
Casey Th. OAT
Catalina Sa. BACK 10
Cathy Be. DEN 2,5,7
Catie Le. NICK
Charlotte Ho. JAB 0
Chassidy Ha. ZEST 1, 6
Chelsea Br. GAVE 8,10
Christie Ro. EVER 2,5,7
Christina Kn. ZONE
Christine Sh. OVAL
Christy Bo. BED
Christy Fr. INN
Christy No. FOAL 1
Claire Cr. JANE
Claire Ja. CODE
Connie Al. FADE
Courtney Dy. NOW
Courtney Fi. PEN
Courtney McV. BEAN 1,6
Crystal Al. NICE
Crystie Le. (please confirm) DIM
Daphene Bl. FIN
Darea Ch. BIN
Dawn Pa. OWE
Deanna Lo. BEEP
Denise Pl. NEON
Elizabeth Bo BADE
Elizabeth Sk. BAD
Emily Pa. BAG
Emily Pe. BAIL
Emily Ru. KEG
Emma Pe. HAS
Erin Bu. URGE
Estrella Du. TAB
Gayle Bu. GUM
Giner Ay. CUT
Haylee Pe. FAZE
Holly Br. MINT 1,2
Huifeng Sh. FAKE
Jamie Cl. DOCK
Jana Ha. UNTO
Jeanne Jo. UNDO 3, 9
Jenna Na. BOY 3
Jennifer Bru. MANE
Jennifer Cow. FAME
Jennifer Fos. FED
Jennifer Wil. ZOOM
Jenny Wis. GILL
Jessica Ad. GATE 1, 10
Jessica Oli. PAID 2
Jessica Sil. NAB
Jessica Wal. JOE
Jessica Wil. FOX
Jessica Wol. WED
Jill Ba. VENT
Jill Gr. NOVA
Joanna Ca. ROSE
Jodi So. YAP
Joni Pa. KILN 2
Joy Pe. BAKE
Jules Do. LATE
Julia Wr. BAND
Julie Qu. PAIL
Julie Wit. BASE
Kaitlyn St. HAT
Kali DeW. BAT
Karen Fl. DEEM
Karen Se. KEN
Kasey Ta. DECK
Kate Zi. HEAT
Katherine Ba. AIL
Katherine Fl. BEAD 9
Kathleen Smi. NAIL 9
Kathy Ro. JET 0
Kati St. HEAP
Katie Hu. NECK
Katie Pa. BEEF
Kelli La. BEND
Kelly Go. GULL
Kelly Ma. YELL
Kelly Po. GLEE 8
Kelsey Os. BESS
Keri Sa. DID 3
Kim Woo. FIVE
Kimberly Sa. KITE 1,2,9
Kora Gr. DOT 1,9
Kris In. NAP
Kristen La. DOSE
Kristie Ke. IRON 1
Kristin Ku. KID
Kristin Ph. DIG
Lacie Lu. BIKE
Lara De. BITE 3,10
Laura Bro. MADE
Laura Hal. WADE
Laura Ros. BLANK
Laura Rup. BEE
Laura Sul. MET 1,4
Laurel Can. DUCK
Lauren Ro. ION 0,3,5
Lauren Sn. PACE
Leah McG. FAIL
LeAnne Ha. PAN
Leigha Wo. EGG 2, 6
Lili Hi. BEET
Lisa Bry. LOCK 1
Lisa Cam. BONE
Lisa Fe. KIWI
Lisa Sle. BOX
Lisa Tur. DUNE
Lisha Bu. NEED 1
Lora Sm. GOAL
Lorah Pa. CAIN
Lori Bu. MAIN
Lorrie Ho. RED
Lydia Sh. YOYO 3, 9
Mandy Lu. TUGS 10
Margaret Sa. RAN 10
Marie Ki. RENT
Marisela Ha. DON
Marla Po. SILL
Mary Br. PALM 1, 2 , 7
Meagan Llo. CAME
Megan Bro. CAT
Megan De. TIP
Megan Ha. FISH
Melanie Br. RUBY 4,10
Melissa Ba. RIDE
Melissa Han. YARD
Melissa Mar. ROAD
Melissa Matt. COAL 0,3,5
Melissa Mor. BEAM
Melissa Pa. PAD
Melissa Wils. RIM
Melody Me. DAY
Meredith Co. FOUR
Meredith Dy. NEWS
Michelle Gu. FIZZ 9
Michelle Ra. VEIL 10
Michelle Th. GAG
Miranda La. FOOD
MollyAnne Gu. DIP
Monica De. FATE
Nicole Jo. GALE
Nicole Pr. EASE
Nikki Ki. DEAL
Nikki Os. DOZE
Nisha Sm. COB
Noelle Br. SIT
Pat Fr. JOAN
Patti Gu. COOK
Rachael Wi. CANE
Racheal Wh. EGO
Rachel Ma. COPE
Ramsey Br. LEAN
Rebecca Cal. DINE
Rebekah Co. IRIS 3
Regina Zu. ECHO
Renee Ko. HUT
Rhonda Sm. STAR 9
Robin Ha. GAIN
Sally De. VET
Sandy Jo. CUB
Shannon Br. JAM 3
Sharon Du. HAND
Shauna Mi. OAK
Sheila La. ZEN
Shelly Ma. JUNE
Shonda De. ONLY 3
Simone Wo. CUBE
Stacy Ga. GIFT
Stephanie Si. MELT
Summer La. CUTE
Sunshine Hi. FEED 1
Susan Sa. DATE
Susan Sw. FINE
Tabitha Lo. FEE 1
Tara Ad. TUB
Teresa To. VASE
Terrie Fi. FUSS
Terrie Sa. USED 10
Tiffany Va. DAB
Tina Be. FIX
Tina Ro. COVE 8,9,10
Tom Br. WIN
Tonya Da. LINE
Tonya Se. ZINC
Trina Hu. DAN
Trish Ho. FOG
Vicki Es. GOAT 10

*If you feel this information is incorrect, please email us at athensconsignmentsale@gmail.com so we can get you the correct code/shifts.  DO NOT print your tags if you feel you’ve received an incorrect code.